Our philosophy

It helps if you’ve been around the block. We know of companies and individuals who have been deeply disappointed by their foray into the World Wide Web. They’ve spent too much on a web presence, with little hope of a decent return on their investment.

Or they’ve built a good, functional site, but have been let down by not being properly advised on marketing it. We feel we have a pretty good sense now of what will work, and don’t feel obligated to spend every available cent of a client’s budget in achieving it.

We know that it’s important to update sites regularly and do not charge like a wounded bull for the privilege. We had one client come over to us after being charged $257 for an update which we would have charged out at about $20.

We build more than websites; we build loyalty. Our promise to you is to offer the best advice we can in a bid to give you the best return for your investment in web design or marketing.

If that means advising you to spend less with us, then that’s the advice we’ll give.