About us


We live on a small farm in gentle rolling country about 30 minutes north of Christchurch.

The farm is home to our seven horses – including two rescued ex-racehorses. ecaballus has a fully equipped office, with coffee permanently on-stream and available intravenously (decaf also an option).

Robin worked in newspapers for 11 years. She began as a sub editor in Southland, and later, as a writer, won a national award for her sports reporting. She was for some years a specialist features layout sub. Robin then began specialising in computer technology, and edited the weekly home technology section for The Press newspaper in Christchurch. Web design seemed a natural progression. Growing web-design commitments meant Robin reduced her hours at The Press, finally leaving in 2003.

Neil worked in newspapers for nearly 25 years, at the Christchurch Star, and, for 17 years, at The Press. He reported extensively, was photographic editor for three years, a feature writer for four years, and, for the last few years, was editor of the newspaper’s key Saturday features section, responsible for story selection and layout.

Neil has also worked in media training, and still pulls a few shifts as a sub-editor.